If you like my bread, you'll love my buns

Cloud Whole Wheat Buns

These light fluffy buns are made with RH best for Bread Homestyle whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, sugar, canola oil, water, eggs and a secret ingredient!!


The deadline is October 31st, 2021 to place orders for November and December. I will not be accepting any orders placed after October 31st, unless they are for 2022.

Contact Tab isn't working

The Contact Tab on this website isn't working, so just text me at 306-540-5788



Covid 19 - Delivery and Pick up Procedures

 Delivery procedure - Covid - 19 UPDATED SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020

Hi! I will continue to take your orders either via the website or over the phone. Payment will continue via e-transfer. For the foreseeable future, RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY will be as follows: Leave a suitably sized covered Rubbermaid "type" container(s) outside your front door for your baking orders. If no container is left, I will leave your baking orders on the front step. If you wish, I will text you when your order has been delivered. 
Pick up of orders in Milestone is still available. Text me when you arrive and I'll put your order outside on the back step at my home. 
As much as I like to meet my customers in person, the current situation dictates social distancing. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Baking & Delivery Schedule

I deliver to Regina every Tuesday and Friday morning. I bake on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pick up of orders in Milestone is available after 5pm on Bake Days. Orders can be placed via this website under the "Place an Order" tab, by telephone to 306-436-2261 or by text to 306-540-5788

Payment Terms - Updated April 12, 2021

Effective immediately (April 12, 2021) the payment terms have changed from Cash Only on Delivery to E-Transfer. Payment on orders via e-transfer to jimsbuns@sasktel.net are due immediately upon Jim's confirmation (via email/text) of your order. If payment is not received promptly after my sending the confirmation e-mail or text, the order is cancelled without notification..


"My Story!!"

I get asked time and again how I got into baking. Did I go to school to learn how to bake?  Did I work in the food industry?  The answer: No and No!  My working background is varied. I started out as an accountant actually!  I worked for a mechanical contractor, then a drug store chain, then did a short stint managing a chain of tire stores, then became a President & CEO of a provincial Crown Corporation and finished out my working career as President & CEO of a national transportation company!  Then I retired..........sort of!!

So...this baking thing that I now do is nothing more than pure passion!  I am self taught and it all really came about because my wife and I live in a small town and one day I said to her that I was really fed up that we couldn't get fresh bread anymore at our local store. She bought me a breadmaker. I didn't like the bread. We bought bread in the city.  It was just ok, but it didn't keep well. 

I finally decided that I was going to learn to make bread from scratch.  I researched recipes, read books, searched the internet and finally developed a recipe on my own that we liked. Then I moved on to buns.  Same process. Then I moved on further to cinnamon buns. Identical process but it took much longer to find that "perfect" cinnamon bun that we both liked! The locals all knew that I baked and I would get asked on occasion to bring some of my cinnamon buns to local events. At one such event, a lady from the city said to me..."I have never tasted a cinnamon bun like this. You need to go into business!!"  I laughed...my wife laughed.  Three months later, I started telling people that I baked.  I got orders. I told associates in the city that I was baking. I got more orders. I got a website and went on Facebook.  I got even more orders.  I started adding more kinds of bread and buns. I now offer over 50 kinds of bread, 50 kinds of buns and several cakes....and I am adding new baking products all the time. I love it!

Now I bake pretty well consistently 3 days a week and deliver on two days....to Regina. My business has grown to a level that I can personally handle. I get told again and again how delicious my baking is. I have never been happier!.... Happy that I can do something that occupies my time and that I love to do and that gives pleasure to so many people.  

So there you have it...that's my story!!


Jim's Bread & Buns is Foodsafe Certified

How do you order?

I bake to order, which means that I do not keep product on hand.  If you wish to order my products, you can order on line through my website under "place an order" tab, or simply call me at 306-436-2261 or TEXT 306-540-5788

Please expect a confirmation of your order via email. If you do not receive an email confirmation back from me, then I have not received your order.

Also, please make sure all the required information is filled in on your order and that the correct date that you require the order is stated, according to the Delivery Schedule!

I normally bake on on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!  I deliver usually twice a week to Regina (Tuesdays and Fridays mornings, subject to change). I reserve the right to decline dellivery.

FREE Delivery

Jim's Bread & Buns offers free delivery to Regina. Jim reserves the right to decline delivery on an order.

Jim's Bread & Buns Guarantee

If for ANY REASON, you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, just let me know and you will get your purchase price back...a full refund or I will happily make you a replacement product of your choosing (equivalent value)! (Conditional on you returning the uneaten portion.)