If you like my bread, you'll love my buns

Sesame Breadsticks

These are just great...made with P&H Vienna Baker's white flour, yet, water, salt, a hint of garlic, and sesame seeds. Crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside. One order is one dozen.

How to Order.

You can order one of two ways:

1. Via this website under the "PLACE AN ORDER" tab.

2. Via texting Jim at 306-540-5788.


Payment is due by e-transfer to jimsbuns@sasktel.net immediately upon Jim's confirmation of your order.


- Jim delivers to Regina doorsteps every Tuesday & Friday mornings. No contact. 

- The delivery charge is $7.00/delivery effective March 7, 2022.  This is a temporary charge and will come off once gas prices go back down to a reasonable amount. .

2022 Schedule and Deadlines

2022 Schedule and Deadlines:

(All dates subject to “or when I am full, whichever comes first”)


January 2nd: Deadline to register for Spring Surprise Hamper Program. Deliveries commence April 19th

March 13th: Deadline to order for Easter TOTALLY BOOKED UP.

Summer Surprise Hamper Program is cancelled.

April 17th: Deadline to register for Fall Surprise Hamper Program. Deliveries commence August 16th

June 25th: Deadline to order Christmas Cakes.

October 1st: Deadline to register for Winter Surprise Hamper Program. Deliveries commence January 3rd, 2023.

October 1st: Deadline to order for Christmas.

Regular Orders can be made either via my website: http://jimsbuns.ca or by Text to 306-540-5788

- Bake Days are Mondays and Thursdays

- Cake Days are Wednesdays and Sundays

- Delivery Days to Regina are Tuesdays and Fridays (mornings)


 Surprise Hamper Registrations can be made by Text to 306-540-5788 only.